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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Helping Animals....Do it!!!

I am beginning my journey to becoming a volunteer for Almost Home Animal Shelter. Being an animal lover and specifically a dog lover I thought it would be good to help with the animals in this specific shelter in Southfield, Michigan.

Short story: I himmed and hawed within myself that I should go help with the care of the animals at this shelter. It is located very close to my present office. I just did not make the trip over there. Maybe I could not make the committment, maybe it was the fear of the unknown. Not knowing the conditions of the place, the histories of the animals, even my fear that I would want to adopt a bunch of the dogs in this shelter. I'm kind of weak like that, you know, that soft spot in my hardened heart.

However I finally got myself motivated after work one day and applied to Almost Home Animal Shelter. I am so glad I did this. The animals come with varied stories, a lot of different conditions, some with ailments. They leave their storied pasts behind when you walk in an the leash comes out to take the guys for that walk. I know they dream about the chance to get some attention and see the world from outside of their caged lives. (I am tearing up just thinking about all those guys.)

Each and every animal deserves a chance at a loving home. The dogs and cats at the shelter don't know any better, they only know love. Love and a warm place to sleep is all they wish for, I just know it.

The one great thing is that you can help. If you have a place in your home for more love and a lifetime conpanion, please open your heart and home to helping one of the many, many animals available. A dog or a cat will give you more love than you could ever desire and more.

Please help.

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