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Thursday, May 21, 2009

High School Dropout.....HOW?

How is it possible not to graduate from High School? When I went to school (Class of 1981) you either had to be brain dead or a total drug addict not to pass each grade. Even the kid in my grade that was mentally handicapped got a diploma. (And before you curse me out, I am not disrespecting this person as he was a good and nice kid and tried real hard, I am only stating an actual case.)

I do work in schools and I see grades posted and I am shocked by the amount of failing grades in classes, up to 20-30%. This is in good school districts. I don't get it. High School dropouts have little chance in this world to make it on their own, that's plain fact.

Bottom line:
High Schoolers, show up, do a little homework, study for tests and if you are having trouble check into the free tutoring that all schools offer. Don't be so damn lazy. No one has to take care of you once you turn 18, so prepare yourselves. This is not a joke, dropouts need to think it through, the future is dismal without a high school education.

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