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Saturday, January 22, 2011


It is amazing to see all the people who don't face reality. I have witnessed many thnigs that are so incredibly straight forward, yet are so difficult for certain people to see what will happen in REALITY. I cannot understand how folks do not see that reality has a way of coming through in the end, it always wins. It floats up thru the BS, the rhetoric, and the non-truths to show you how it really is.

This is a list of the obvious things that cannot elude reality:

1. Steroid use by an athlete will be found out.
2. Raising taxes stifles the economy.
3. Running from the law is a losing cause.
4. Cigarette smoking will kill you.
5. Lying will always catch up with you.
6. Not paying your mortgage will ruin your credit.
7. Taking on too much debt will bankrupt you.
8. Not going to school will not make you a success.
9. Student loans are the worst type of debt to incur. You cannot default on a student loan. Credit cards are a close second.
10.Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated.
11.Sociopaths and psychopaths are near impossible to fix.
12.Communism does not work.
13.Letting your kids get away with things is not going to help them in life.
14.Spoiling your kids is not going to help them at all.
15.Lessons are not learned by bailouts, in fact, the bad behaviors are reinforced.
16.The sooner you work at a job, the sooner you will understand the real world. And the converse in even more true.
17.Everything on TV is scripted, there is no such thing as reality TV.
18.Cursing and swearing is not classy.
19.Just because you go to church does not give you the right to treat others poorly or that you get a clean slate from your past sins.
20.Children need parents, not parents/friends. Be a parent, the leader and authority figure, not a friend to your kids.
21.Protesting at funerals is about the most evil thing anyone can do.
22.Doing heinous things in the name of God is not going to get you into heaven.
23.You cannot help a human that first won't help themselves.
24.Any new way of hand computing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is ridiculous. AKA "new math".
25.Global warming is not happening, nor is it a man-made thing. Mother nature is so much more a factor than man that the notion is completely absurd. Man is a mere pawn on this planet.

There are many more things. Maybe I will list them in another post.

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