These are my thoughts and opinions on many topics. My passions are the stock market and helping abandoned and orphaned animals. In this world, it seems most things don't make much sense to me anymore. This is my feeble attempt to share all of the above. The blogs will include items that might make you shake my head as well as give you my take on why they happen. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I will never understand

One thing I cannot figure out in this world is why anyone would condone bad behavior by anyone for any reason. It is absolutely pathetic how people come to the defense of folks that are doing wrong. Parents are especially guilty of this when their children do things that are wrong. They almost always come to their defense instead of trying to find out the truth first. When I was a kid my folks would first say, "What did you do to make that adult angry?" or something like that. I am saddened that people don't learn the proper life's lessons when the event occurs. It sure does not help a person properly define their moral compass or truly understand what right and wrong really is.

Things have to change.

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