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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Detroit Tigers bullpen woes

Oh my, the Detroit Tigers bullpen woes. It appeared as though the bullpen was going to be better this year by moving Nate Robertson to the pen, adding Brandon Lyon, getting solid support from Bobby Seay, Ryan Perry, and with a Fernando Rodney that can throw a few strikes as the closer. Based on the past two games. it looks as though the real Tigers bullpen has finally showed up, the one we were afraid to see that is.

Tuesday night, a debacle. Six real good innings from starter Edwin Jackson….then the trouble starts. Perry, Robertson, Lyon… be honest these guys have to go. Perry and Robertson flat can’t seem to get anyone out. Brandon Lyon, what a disaster, he comes in with the bases loaded, walks the first batter then gives up a grand slam to Molina. Yeah, Lyon’s line in the box score shows a walk, 2 hits and 2 earned runs in 1 1/3 innings, but his performance was a total disaster. The Yankees lit the bunch of them up for 10 runs in the seventh inning.

Wednesday, Porcello looked good thru the third inning, he really tried and got spanked……but trots out Clay Rapata and a couple of runs turns into a 7 run inning.

One possible bright spot, Joel Zumaya appears to be hitting the gun at 100 mph. He can be extremely effective and let’s hope he stays healthy. The bullpen needs some help, maybe Joel can be the answer.

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