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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Way To Scare New York City....What Were You Thinking?

What in the hell could Louis Caldera be thinking in flying a facsimile of Air Force One at as low as 1000’ around Manhattan? I mean, even with advance warning, enough people would be absolutely frightened to see a monstrous jet of that size zipping around their city to cause at least minor panic. HAVE THEY NOT HEARD OF THAT COOL PROGRAM CALLED PHOTOSHOP?!?!?!?! HELLO, YOU CAN GET IT AT THOUSANDS OF STORES, BUY IT AND USE IT!!! You federal government morons, think it through, you also could have saved at least $100,000 by using this program to create your images you wanted instead of flying a “mission” for a photo-op. I mean, this Administration cannot be serious about ‘responsible government spending’, ‘fiscal accountability’, and all the other innocuous phrases they use to describe the accounting for how taxpayer’s monies are spent.

Ok, time for me to settle down….

Big Picture:

You know, September 11, 2001 was not that long ago. This country and especially New York City are still recovering from the indescribable tragedy that was imposed on them.

It is chilling to think that our government would have any reason to fly a mission like that for a stupid photo-op. The Obama Administration is so unfazed by the terrorist attacks that occurred that day, and many of the left wingers that he aligns himself with actually believe that we “had it coming”. Some left-wingers actually believe that it is the fault of the United States that 9/11 attacks occurred.

This administration with; 1) their lack of understanding of the threat of terrorism, 2) their weakness in stature to support the commitment to destroy terrorist regimes that are……sorry to say this….still at war with us, and 3) their lack of understanding that diplomacy does not change anything with terrorist regimes, is enough to make any true American afraid.

The Obama Administration needs to step back to properly think through the national security situation. Between the terrorists and the ‘invasion’ from Mexico, America needs to start defending heavily the borders to stop potential threats from entering our country. We need to start talking straight about our threats, make better decisions regarding taxpayer monies, make the necessary changes to deter and thwart possible attacks, and be proud of this country.

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