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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five "Must See" Things to Do when Visiting Las Vegas

If you have read this blog before you probably know that I love Las Vegas. Having seen many of the great things that Las Vegas offers I thought I would share the top five things that I find are the "must see" things to experience besides sitting in a casino. Here goes....

. Drive the Las Vegas Strip at night - Las Vegas Boulevard has got to be one of the coolest places on the planet. The people, the traffic (it's jammed on most nights), the lights, the beautiful casino facades a couple of runs up and down the Strip is well worth the time. It is likely something you will not forget.

2. Walk through hotels/casinos - I suggest visiting a number of hotels and really taking the time to observe the beauty of the buildings and the attention to detail. When doing this, really use your senses to observe the sights, the sounds, the smells. Enjoy the displays, the gardens, the paintings, the fountains, etc. It is extraordinary. By paying attention to all the exquisite detail and taking in the fact that the place just reeks of cash, you will understand why getting folks to gamble is so important to keeping the many places operating.

3. Go to a Vegas show - Now I am not a big fan of the shows, but it is well worth spending some money to see a full Vegas show. It is typically an evening extravaganza and the shows I have seen blew me away. These types of shows don't exist anywhere else.

3. Take the Hoover Dam tour - The Hoover Dam is the most incredible structure that I have ever seen, bar none. It is so massive that it is breathtaking every time I have seen the Hoover Dam......and I have been there 6 times. And the Dam tour is a must, it is worth the money, I think I paid $15 the last time I went. Promise....this will blow you away. It is about a half day trip, I suggest you go in the morning, especially in the summer.

4. Red Rock - The park is awesome to see, it is like being in the middle of nowhere, even though it is not far from Las Vegas. The rock formations are beautiful and the desert in itself is beautiful. Again, in the summer, go early and take a ton of bottled water.

Lastly....and this one might be weird but,

5. Go to the Hard Rock Casino and the Palms to people watch - These two places are the two greatest places on the planet to people watch. I think it is a scream to watch the party folks, the beautiful people, the not so beautiful people out and about enjoying themselves gambling, drinking, and partying. The music at the Hard Rock Casino is right in my wheelhouse so I prefer it just slightly over the Palms. However, both places are particularly crowded, especially on the weekends.

One last thing, make sure you spend a few days in Las Vegas to take it all in........or you might have to go back.......and that would be a REAL bummer. ;-)

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