These are my thoughts and opinions on many topics. My passions are the stock market and helping abandoned and orphaned animals. In this world, it seems most things don't make much sense to me anymore. This is my feeble attempt to share all of the above. The blogs will include items that might make you shake my head as well as give you my take on why they happen. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Having a tough time with this one

In our lives we all attempt to help others. We might not do it as much as we should, but we do try to help whenever we can. The dilemma that arises is when you want to help someone...and they will not accept the fact that they need help. We just don't know what it is with some folks.

Is it pride? Can some folks not come to grips that they cannot do everything? It must be that there is something that prevents them from accepting of someone's handout. It may now be a handout of money or goods, it could be simple advice or guidance that I am even considering as help.

It may be one of life's mysteries to try to figure out why some people don't see reality and attempt to make their lives better. This also does not make sense when they know they are blatantly going down the wrong road, but refuse to change course.

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