These are my thoughts and opinions on many topics. My passions are the stock market and helping abandoned and orphaned animals. In this world, it seems most things don't make much sense to me anymore. This is my feeble attempt to share all of the above. The blogs will include items that might make you shake my head as well as give you my take on why they happen. Enjoy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Journal

Things are hard these days. People are losing their livelihoods, industries are shrinking, some industries are disappearing. Costs are high for everything. Taxes, fees, surcharges, etc. are becoming oppressive. Crime occurs at staggering rates. Drugs are everywhere. And can anyone remember the moral decay of society accelerating as quickly as it has in the past few years?

How does one cope? Is there an end to the hopelessness? Will things ever get better? I honestly do not know if things will ever be the same. I believe it will be better, probably sooner than later, however, our country will be changed forever. I continue to believe that America is a good place. We take care of those who cannot (or by mere choice do not) participate in creating wealth. We give to folks in need, the government gives to those who cannot generate income. Now nobody is getting wealthy living off of the government, but I do know that people in this country do not starve to death…….that is, unless one does so voluntarily.

OK, where am I going with this? The bottom line is that we must look at life as a journal, it is an adventure that nobody can take from us. Not all entries in that journal are going to be rosy. Things can be quite difficult. Look at life as your personal journal and understand that we can control many things that are written in the entries. We cannot control them all, so don’t waste energy trying to do so.

Most of all learn something from each journal entry, you’ll be glad you did.

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