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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some People

I cannot understand the mindset of some people. Some folks just think that they don't have to work hard or treat others right or even follow any rules.

Is it their upbringing?

I don't know, I see people that were raised by good people in good families and still they are what they are. Many see no problem in being disrespectful, taking someone else's things, some don't want to use the tools they've been given to nauseum. I was taught right from wrong at an early age.
And this is not to say that I lived in the Cleaver Household, it was far from ideal. However, it sunk in with me and I am no genius, I always believe in doing right and not wrong, always. Is that such a strange mindset to have? I feel that if I do someone wrong, I admit it and fix the problem immediately.

Is it chemical or genetic?

If this is the case, can't someone in the medical field help? If someone is predisposed to doing wrong to others, can't one get fixed via therapy or simple meds? Does it have to be a harsh dose of reality? Even then, some folks blame everyone else for their problems without second thought. (That is a whole other item that I cannot understand and may address.)

Is it society?

That is so stinkin' cliche, but does the instant gratification world that we live in make people numb to the need to work hard, build a career or business, going to school for many years, working to pay your way through life starting at $0. And if they don't get what they want, it's not their fault that they have not prepared themselves for the real world.

I can only control me so that is what I try to do. I hope all others can do the same. It would make the world a much better place.

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