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Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is it with People and Movies?

I know a number of people that manage their schedules around seeing the latest hot movie that is out. Why is that? Most movies are pretty mundane, predicable, and forgettable. Many movies have blatant political messages in them that I can't stand, don't need, and did not ask to view. And the acting, where do I start? The acting in most modern movies is downright bad, there are really no classic actors right now that people will make reference to as "great", say 100 years from now. Most of them are just the beautiful people that had the right "connections". (Drew Barrymore is a stellar example of that, however, she's not beautiful.)

Honestly, when I see previews of upcoming movies on TV, the ads seem to be these flashes of the movie that don't remain on the tube long enough to understand what the movie could possibly be about.

And why is it that the movies have to have one or two word titles? Are we that lazy to have zero attention span to read multiple words in a movie title? Do the marquees not have room for longer titles? Titles like "Speed", "Go", "Blow" are not real descriptive, nor are they imaginative.

I am not driven to see any movie that has been released in the past 2 or so years. I can't seem to find a compelling reason to go. That's not to say I would never go, I will see a movie if it were to peak my interest. But going almost every week like some people do just to see the latest hit, that's not on the radar.

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