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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Celebrating Incompetence

It seems for the last 6 months this country has been encouraging and celebrating incompetence.

The biggest winner in this debacle has got to be the investment bankers that have been rewarded for their poor investment judgement. And we the taxpayer saved their industries. These same corporations put this planet's financial and economic system in great peril, and these companies should have been bankrupt 15 times over. Yet, they continue to take billions of dollars for their companies from the Federal Government. And to top it all, folks like
AIG and many others collect millions and millions of dollars living lavish lifestyles and collecting fortunes in bonuses for their great accomplishments. They act as it is their unalienable right to such obscene compensation, probably because of the "all that we have gone through" mentality, as if it is some sort of outside force that caused the financial ruin of their firms. These people are lucky Americans are stupid, otherwise they all might be tarred and feathered........or worse.

Then we get to the automobile industry. The American automobile manufacturers have more or less been walking dead for 30 years. I mean, how incompetent do you have to be to agree to a union contract that allows for workers without assignments to be put into a 'Jobs Pool'? The "underutilized" worker sits and plays cards and waits for an assignment, while making 90% pay. There are workers in the Jobs Pool that have been there for years. Isn't it pathetic that a person would not want to be productive for that long. I know I would quit that job. It is just as pathetic that the industry pays for no work from an employee. I know auto workers who brag about how little they do and how much they skate at work.....they are actually proud of these accomplishments. Also, the
hypocrisy of the American industry is astounding, they scream "Buy American" but then all the heavy process equipment has Japanese and German names, very few US made machines. And their cars, a large percentage of the car parts---foreign. This industry has made one poor decision after another and are the biggest hypocrites.

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