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Monday, April 6, 2009

What we need in America

We need accountability from all people.
We need to get rid of "Reality" TV.
We need to sit back and watch the grass grow once in a while.
We need to provide tax breaks to R+D dollars spent for creation of a new industry to get us out of this recession. (Energy, info. technology, transportation, cancer cures)
We need to pick up the trash at the side of the road.
We need to get angry about crime, especially drugs.
(As a corollary to that) We need to put criminals behind bars forever.
(Another corollary) We need police to go after real criminals, not speeders.
We need to allow people to fail and stop rewarding laziness.
We need to take care of our own in this country.
We need to get rid of "partially hydroginated" anything in foods.
We need honesty.
We need more dogs in our lives, they know what life is about.
We need stiff harsh consequences for the boards of directors of the financial companies that got us in this economic mess.
We need to limit credit risk.
We need to nail the steroids users in sports.
We need to help a neighbor in need.
We need to cherish senior citizens.
We need a government with a balanced budget, NOW!
We need to improve LED lighting technology.
We all need to stop overreacting to everything.
Lastly, we need to talk.

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