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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where's Spring

It feels as though this winter in Michigan has been the longest winter season ever. Now I realize that without researching it, that is probably not true. There have been colder winter days than we had. I cannot remember a longer period of time where the temperatures were below freezing for so long. There was also a lot of snow this season, we still have snow from this weeks dump, but there may have been winter seasons that have had more. However, I cannot remember any with more for longer periods of time.

It got cold in Mighigan during mid November and with the exception of a few days in March and one in early April, it has been downright frigid. Heck, we had snow most of the winter, we did not see grass until early March.

Spring and warm weather will be much welcomed around here I can assure you. Until then, stay warm.

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