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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cap and Trade = Regulate and Tax

People, please wake up, write your Representatives and Senators, Cap and Trade is about to rip another $250 billion per year out of the US economy. There is no way that we can afford this tax increase, and do not be swayed by the propaganda, this is a huge tax that all Americans will pay for forever.

It is estimated that every household will pay between $2000-$3500 per year more for all goods and services because of Cap and Trade.

The Obama Administration and Congress are bound and determined to undermine our economy with these taxes and regulations.

People, please wake up before it is too late to reverse......I predict Cap and Trade will push the US into an economic depression as it will rip nearly 8% out of GDP per year. I hope you liberals are happy with a much lower standard of living because of this type of disastrous legislation.

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