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Thursday, July 2, 2009

OK Commiecrats

Here's an idea to all my Commiecrat friends, as I commented in my response to "Anonymous" if you truly feel that you are not paying enough in taxes, please send monthly checks to the US Treasury in whatever amount you feel that you are underpaying.

The US Treasury WILL cash them, and that way you can feel fulfilled in that with your additional "contribution", you are paying the correct amount of your earnings to the US Government. That way they can spend your money the way they like, my best guess is that you all believe that the government is smarter than you in how your money is spent.

I certainly do not believe in that, I believe that I should be able to decide how MY MONEY is spent. I also believe that government does not create jobs or wealth, individuals and businesses are the way to get us out of this mess. Let us decide, let businesses flourish and not be stifled by oppressive taxes, the free market is the only mechanism that will create long term growth and provide for increase in wealth.

Free markets are efficient, government spending is not.

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