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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OK Commiecratic Morons

All you folks that think it is so great to have Obama and the Democrats controlling both houses of Congress, you are about to get what you voted for.

The Henry Waxman sponsored environmental bill that passed through the House of Representatives today is your FIRST real dose of what these idiots in Washington are now all about.

You are about to get $2 trillion in taxes to pay over the next 10 years under the guise of improving the environment. That is the estimated cost of all the taxes associated with the bill by most experts.

Now you morons who voted for the Democrats and especially Obama, do you really think that your job is safe in this recession when an additional $250 billion is ripped out of the economy each year? I for one do not. This is completely the wrong time to enact this sort of bill that raises taxes so broadly. If you do feel comfortable, you definitely need some training in common economic logic. This bill is going put more businesses and job in peril every year that it is enacted. These taxes will be the final nail in the coffin of our economy.

I hope you morons who voted for the Commiecrats enjoy paying anywhere from $1500-3000 per household per year, which is what all the experts are estimating.........BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT!!!! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY OF YOU PEOPLE BITCHING ABOUT THESE TAXES, COULD YOU NOT SEE THIS COMING??

Nuff said.


  1. Without taxes, the government has no money. A few thousand dollars in taxes is worth paying if I get to live in the United States of America, enjoying security, freedom of religion and bigotry.

  2. Fine with me. Environment doesn't clean itself. They aren't sticking $100 bills in the trees. Some companies get paid to do this. Those companies have employees. Those employees spend their paychecks. Want to trim some tax expenses? Stop spending half of it on the military.

  3. We give so much money in taxes now, we should not have to offer a dime more. This idea that Americans are not taxed enough is absurd. Cut government, cut spending, cut taxes, end of story.

  4. Furthermore, the environment has a way of cleaning itself. Mt. Saint Helen's spewed more CO2 into the atmosphere than the entire CO2 emmitted by all of the combustion engines in HISTORY.....yet the ecosystem did not collapse.

    Man cannot destroy the planet, the tax increase will be a sham, I predict that the environment will be in no better shape after the massive tax increase. I also predict that the US goes deep into a decade long recession if they enact this sham.

    Mark my words Anonymous. Mark my words. And don't you bitch once about being overtaxed and no good paying jobs.....and sadly that is what will happen with this horrific regressive tax on Americans.

  5. OK anonymous, here's another idea. If you don't believe that you pay enough in taxes already, get your checkbook out and write some checks, say monthly, made out to the "United States Treasury" and mail them in to the Treasury.

    They WILL cash them and that way you can appease your ridiculous need to give your hard earned money to someone who you believe is more competent about spending your money than yourself.

  6. You like to complain and spout possible facts, but what is your solution? How would a republican have done anything differently? This country has turned into a one party system and nobody seems to notice. We still keep fighting amongst ourselves, which is the way they want it. A divided citizenry will never rise against their government. Stop bitching and start a revolution.

  7. Well Anonymous,
    I followed up with a blog the next day stating that tax cut for people, businesses, and now I will add less government is the answer. It will solve the economy, it will also solve any environmental problem.

    There is a push for a cleaner environment, meaning that there is support, which equals money. If people had more money and there is support for a cleaner environment, believe me, there would be demand for cleaner technologies.

    Government cannot do anything well, let's not make it larger and take more money of OURS that they will use inefficiently. I mean, look at the $1.3T "stimulus plan" that was to create 3 million jobs. Where are the jobs, answer me that one?? Fact is that 1.2 million more jobs have been lost since it the plan was passed. Government does not and should not create the economy, private business does. Let individuals and businesses keep more of their hard earned money to solve the problems more efficiently than the incompetence of any branch of government.