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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tennessee 44 - Detroit 41

This loss is one for the ages. But alas it is another blip on the incredible volumes of misfortune and mediocrity - borderline on ineptness that has plagued this team for 55 years.

The one thing I would like to discuss is the so called 'miscommunication' on the Overtime 4th and short inside the 10 that Coach Schwartz noted in his post game radio interview on WTKT.

My thoughts: How does the center, Domimic Raiola, even know what the snap count was supposed to be?.....especially when there isn't one. One has to assume that because the Lions were trying to draw the Titans offsides on the 4th and short that there is no snap count, that is because no play was to be run per Schwartz' admission in the interview. So why would Raiola snap the ball? Nobody will ever know the truth. But a true blunder it was, and yet another tale in the Lions fictitious book known as The Curse of Bobby Layne. The operative question begs to be asked: When will the book ever end?!?!

Thanks goodness I am Lions Free!

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