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Monday, October 1, 2012

Minnesota 20 -Detroit 13

Another beauty for the annals of Detroit Lions lore.  At safety they start a player that they activated from the practice squad on Sunday morning of the game. 

At the kickoff, Minnesota's Percy Harvin returns a 107 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.  Harvin goes untouched.  Harvin also told the press after the game that Minnesota found flaws in the Lions coverage and they exploited it, probably pretty easy to figure out the Lions coverage by watching the game film since even I can call plays they run and I have never formally played the game.

Matthew Stafford appears to be Lion-ized, he ended up on the turf many times on Sunday and he was sacked five times.  He looked scared.  He is making wild throws underhand and backwards, lofting the ball skyward, and the lovely non-fumble that he was just trying to get rid of the ball.  It is similar to the work of Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia.

Nick Fairley lines up offsides, which is pathetic because he lines up over the ball on defense.  And Fairley was non-existent.  The defensive backs were a disaster.

At 1-3 the Lions are is BIG trouble.  And the way they played against the St. Louis Rams, they really should be 0-4. 

Still pathetic......only the names change.

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