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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Detroit Lions 2009 Draft Breakdown

Good God this franchise is a disaster. Did anyone see what the Detroit Lions drafted on Saturday?? Do they not know that they need Defense, especially the front seven?

1st pick overall:
Matt Stafford, he is signed for a buttload of money $75M+, $41M guaranteed. He played for the University of Georgia, which ended up an underachieving team. Joey Harrington was a better college QB.....and he HAS to play next year with the huge contract. The Lions did not improve their offensive or defensive lines with this pick, it's insane. Next year's going be a disaster, they might end up with the first pick in '10, I would bet top 10 picks anyway.

20th pick overall:
Let's go to their second pick in the first round, what do the Lions do, they take a tight end. Who takes a tight end in the first round? Nobody else did and it is ridiculous to do so, it's like taking a kicker in the first round, it's absurd. And based on the last two years first round TE picks Dustin Keller in '08 by the Jets and Greg Olson in '07 by the Bears, TEs picked in the first round don't become household names even in houses that love the NFL. So the Lions follow this stellar pattern with their choice of Brandon Pettigrew and he may be decent but you cannot tell me he was the best player available overall. Oh by the way, they passed up on Rey Malaluga to take this TE. Enough said with this pick, it stinks.

33rd pick overall:
Once again, no OL, DL or LB chosen with this pick. Instead, the Lions take Safety Louis Delmas from Western Michigan. He might be a decent athlete but you cannot tell me that he is a better pick than say, Rey Malaluga. Yes, I said his name again, they passed on him for a second time to pick a Safety. This pick is nothing short of pathetic.

The rest of the Lions draft was a bunch of guys that won't play in the NFL and not worth discussing.

The Detroit Lions 2009 draft was a disaster. The franchise is a disgusting disgrace. So.....any guesses how long Coach Schwartz lasts before he quits, ala Bobby Ross, poor Bobby Ross.

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